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White Fused Alumina
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About Us
Registered in China, Zhaosheng Mineral is a global supplier of high quality silicon carbide, silicon metal, white fused alumina and other fused minerals used in refractory, investment casting, semiconductor, abrasives, metal producing and many other industrial applications.

Since 1995, we have been manufacturing and supplying a great variety of refractory products that can withstand high temperatures and/or chemical environments. We also offer abrasive products in any form of surface preparation process through considering every aspect to enable a smooth and efficient operation.

We, Zhaosheng mineral, believe and aim at Total Quality in our products and services to satisfy our Customers, and are committed to:
  • Adhere strictly to quality parameters at all stages to provide products / services conforming to customer requirements
  • Meet Requirements of Quality management System and strive to continually improve its effectiveness
  • Develop competent human resource through planned training
  • Establish Quality Objectives and review periodically to achieve continual improvement
  • Many customers consider Zhaosheng mineral as the better economic choice to cooperate
  • high quality of product range
  • short reaction time
  • possibility of collaboration agreement
  • ability for innovation
  • skilled people
  • Grow profitably with commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Strive for excellence
  • Continuously develop a committed team of people
  • Build good corporate image & high customer esteem
  • Zhaosheng mineral is in the business of Refractories and Abrasives. These will continue to be our prime business focus areas.
  • We shall strive to improve our image in the eyes of all customers
  • We shall endeavour to build a vibrant and responsive organization with a team of motivated people driving for excellence, achievement and high performance
  • We will create conditions and climate for empowerment through enhancement of Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills with emphasis on multi-skilling